Rivo Mobile Phones in Pakistani Market

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

Advance Telecom, is a partner and distributor of Microsoft Devices as well a local mobile phone distributor in the country, they have introduced an upcoming mobile phone brand which is known as ‘Rivo Mobile’ in Pakistan mobile markets.

Under the Rivo Mobile brand, 3 classes of mobile phones have been inaugurated. Which are called as the high end Rivo Phantom Smartphone’s, the mid range Rivo Rhythm Smartphone’s and the low end Rivo Feature phones. Hungary is the country of manufacturer of these Smartphone’s.

In accordance to the reports, Rivo Mobile is organized approach Pakistani mobile markets by storm. Apparently, Rivo Mobile includes Android Smartphone’s and features with phones for all demographics and price ranges which starts from low rates Rs. 1,800 up to Rs. 23,500 is the price for  Rivo PZ15 for its flagship Android Smartphone that comes with Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon processor and 12 MP of main camera.

Subsequently there is variety of entry level Android Rivo Smartphone’s with beginning rates of Rs. 6150. However we will be maintained doubtful regarding the performance of these entry level Rivo Android Smartphone’s until we play around along with the unites.

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

RIVO Mobiles Prices in Pakistan

In case if you were expecting, Rivo introduced on a inaugural event which was carried out last night in Lahore. Starting from upcoming week their devices are reportedly will be available in markets.

Rivo Phantom Smartphones:

Phantom series phones will be Rivo Mobile’s flagship devices. They’ll function on Android. The models and prices for Rivo phantom smartphones are pasted below.

Rivo Feature Phones:

Mid range devices of Rivo Mobiles will be the Rivo Rhythm series Smartphone’s. They will feature with Android OS. The rates and models are given below.

  • RX35 @ Rs. 6150/=
  • RX40 @ Rs. 7200/=
  • RX50 @ Rs. 8700/=
  • RX55 @ Rs. 9150/=
  • RX60 @ Rs. 13800/=

Rivo Feature Phones:                                      

Rivo’s feature phones are going to come in many series. They are: classic, neo, advance, jaguar and sapphire. The models and prices for Rivo feature Smartphone’s are given below.

Classic Series

  • C100 @ Rs. 1850/=
  • C110 @ Rs. 1875/=

Rivo NEO Series

Rivo Advance Series

Rivo Jaguar Series

Rivo Sapphire Series

  • S600 @ Rs. 2950/=
  • S610 @ Rs. 2975/=
  • In accordance to the sources, a massive publicity campaign is intended for Rivo Mobile and it will roll out steadily taking full benefit of the ICC Cricket World Cup hype.
  • Advance Telecom is spending heavily in the venture and is anticipated to give stiff opposition to brands like QMbobile and Huawei in the lower end of the market.
  • According to the performance, Rivo Smartphone’s could end up giving established high end manufacturers such as Samsung a tough time as well.

pricing and specification details of each model can be followed on Rivo Mobile’s website here: http://www.mobile-phone.pk/


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