Samsung Get Top Sales Spot in Smartphone from Apple in Q1 2013

In the first quarter of this year from January to March, Samsun has shown remarkable progress in the sale of the smart phones. The Strategy Analytics has released a post in which it is mentioned that Samsung has done the business more than Apple, which stood second during this quarter.

The Strategy Analytics has provided data according to which Samsung has made the business of about $23.62 billion in the first quarter of this year, which is more than $952 million than the previous quarter. Apple has done the business of $22.95 billion, which is less than $7.71 billion than the previous quarters, which shows their decline in business.

Samsung Android Handsets

Samsung Android Handsets

Nokia made the business of $3.64 billion and LG Electronics has done the business of $2.95 billion and stood at the fourth position in the first quarter.

Samsung has shown so much progress in the first quarters that it failed Nokia in its home land of Finland and it caught 36% markets and Nokia got the 33% with second position. Apple was declared third with 14% markets of smart phones and these reports are given by IDC.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Latest Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Where as the operating income ratio is concerned, Apple was declared number one with 31% in the first quarter and Samsung is 21.8% while LG is third with 4.1%.

Samsung has released the latest smart phones in the market including Samsung Galaxy S4, which shows that the market position is very strong and they have sold about 10 million units only in the first month of this quarter but on the other side, Apple is still waiting for the launching of the smart phone.


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